2022 Programme

New Trade Agreements: How new free trade deals can boost growth in exports and investment by deepening the strategic ties that are in our vital interests. 

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Closer bilateral investment to ensure sustainable growth across all sectors.

Supply Chains: Innovative strategies to increase productivity and efficiency in trade. 

Renewable Energy: Working together to deliver on the commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Real Estate and Infrastructure: How Arab Vision strategies are boosting growth and resilience through new infrastructure projects and sustainable buildings.

Hospitality Industry: How new management practices and technology can satisfy changing consumer expectations and enhance the customer experience.

Transport & Logistics: How international aviation and public transport networks can meet growing public demand and achieve environmental sustainability.

Ed Tech: How remote and digital learning facilitates knowledge sharing and educational inclusion. 

Widening Access: The potential of tech to widen access to education and skills.

Updating the Curriculum: Equipping future generations with the marketable skills that the future economy needs.

Health Tech: E-Health, Telemedicine and AI are transforming healthcare, improving patient choice and outcomes. 

Investment and Collaboration: How increased cooperation can accelerate the uptake of latest health technologies to bring services to more communities. 

Sports and Wellbeing: As the Arab countries host more international sporting events, government initiatives are increasingly prioritising wellness to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Enhancing Digital Cooperation: How the UK financial services industry can share its expertise with the rapidly developing Arab Fintech sector.

Widening Access: The growth of Fintech hubs across the Arab region offers the potential for extending banking services to more people and achieving financial inclusion.

Sustainability and Cybersecurity: How the financial sector is responsive to customer demands for accountability, greater security in electronic transactions and in personal data management.